Max Auto Clicker is wonderful automation tool that lets you automate mouse clicking and help you of repeated clicks tasks, this auto clicker software has two modes of auto clicking, fast mode and slow mode, and support three types of delays : pre-delay, random delay and human click emulation delay. these delays can be used in several games in roblox like afk farming and PVP fights and many others like Minecraft. Enjoy a superb gaming experience with this powerful tool. 

Max Auto Clicker is free, fast and is easy to launch and to configure, you can set mouse button, in click type option you have the choice between single click and double click, you can define amount of clicks in click number option or to set it to Unlimited, also this auto clicker allow you to set click position you can do this by choosing define in click number option and set your position (x,y) by clicking on Pick button or you can leave it as default to any location. 

Max Auto Clicker can be installed on Ubuntu, Mint Linux and on any other Debian-based Linux distributions.

You can download this software on the official page of Max Auto Clicker :

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